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Course Availability: 2015 to end 2018
Qualification ID: 21190
Course Names: CompTIA A+, Network + and Server +
Level: Level 4
Unit Standards - SAQA: 120

This course is delivered by 2KO Africa nationally and internationally and is SAQA certified

Course pre-requisites?
CompTIA A+ certification and nine months networking experience

Level: Beginners
To provide learners with a further knowledge of business application and accounting software as well as to support and fully implement Microsoft Windows in a networked environment as well as to perform post installation and day to day administration tasks of an existing Windows based network.

Specific Outcomes:
Use a particular microcomputer architecture to understand the architecture of a typical single CPU - computer system with particular emphasis on the internal structure of the CPU, the nature of its operational cycle and its control, instruction and data connections with other digital devices.
Install, administer, optimise and troubleshoot MS DOS and MS Windows (subject to change with technology).
Support Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT (subject to change with technology), including installation, configuration, customisation, optimisation, network integration, administration, troubleshooting, messaging and support issues.
Assemble a fully functioning microcomputer from components.
Select and install appropriate hardware and add on components in a microcomputer.
Identify and rectify faults in microcomputer hardware.
Install and configure hardware components.
Implement a local and wide area network.
Install a variety of software packages in both a standalone and network environment and troubleshoot hardware problems.

Course Outlines:
CompTIA Network+
Network Basic
Wired Computer-to-Computer connections
Security practices
Network access Control
Wired Internetworking devices
Wired Communication standards
Wireless networking
Security threats and mitigation

CompTIA Security+
Examine server fundamentals
Identify the hardware components of a server
Describe the features of server software
Examine the various types of storage systems used in servers
Install hardware components on a server
Configure servers
Examine the issues in upgrading server components
Identify some of the industry's best practices for deploying a server and the various strategies of securing, accessing, and remotely managing the server hardware
Troubleshoot servers
Describe disaster recovery concepts and techniques

CompTIA A+
PC Hardware
Operational Procedures and Systems
Mobile Devices


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