Interactive Media

National Certificate Interactive Media Courses


Course Availability: 2015 to end 2018
Qualification ID: 49121
Course names: MS Office (beginners), Web Design and Graphic Design
Level: Level 5
Unit Standards - SAQA: 130

This course is delivered by 2KO Africa nationally and internationally and is SAQA certified

Exit Level outcomes:
Design visual and technical components and structure of interactive media solutions
Propose audio-visual and technical interactive media solutions
Gather interactive media content and information
Design and develop creative elements for interactive media solutions
Author content for interactive media solutions
Deliver interactive media solutions in required formats
Manage business in the interactive industry
Innovate and create ideas and opportunities
Safeguard a multi-user computer system

The purpose of this qualification is for learners to be able to plan and create web sites. This may not involve substantial academic content competent to the qualification, but rather focus on the practical aspects required such as authoring / compiling / putting together components for e-learning running off Internet, intranet and CD ROM. In doing the former, qualifying learners can create an interface for communication, entertainment and information devices. In addition, qualifying learners are able to compile interactive presentations, graphics and photographic elements, 2D animation, that is, visual content for marketing purposes, to contribute to film, television, and video productions.

Learning to assume in place:
Language and communication and Mathematic Literacy NQF Level 4
Unit Standard 7574, Demonstrate knowledge of and produce a presentation using basic functions, NQF Level 2
Unit Standard 7572, Demonstrate knowledge of and produce computer spreadsheets using basic functions, NQF Level 2
Unit Standard 7568, Demonstrate knowledge of and produce word processing documents using basic functions, NQF Level 2
Unit Standard 7547, Operate a personal computer system, NQF Level 2
Unit Standard 7566, Operate personal computer peripherals, NQF Level 2
Unit Standard 7548, Use personal computer operating system, NQF Level 2
Unit Standard 7567, Produce and use spreadsheets for business, NQF Level 3
Unit Standard 7575, Produce presentation documents for business, NQF Level 3
Unit Standard 7570, Produce word processing documents for business, NQF Level 3
Unit Standard 14933, Demonstrate an understanding of creating multimedia/web-based computer applications with scripting, NQF Level 4

Course Outlines:
Microsoft Word
Learn to create and edit Microsoft Word document
How to navigate the Word 2013 interface /Ribbon
Learn about the File Tap
Learn to create new documents and use Word
How to open new documents and existing documents
Basic text, paragraph and document formatting
Moving and Copying
Find and Replace
Spelling and Grammar
How to insert images, graphics and videos
How to connect MS Word to Facebook and Flicks
How to use MS Word as a photo editor

Microsoft Excel
Getting started
Entering and editing data
Create a basic worksheet using Microsoft Excel 2013
Modifying a worksheet
Perform calculations
Modify the appearance of data within a worksheet
Manage Excel workbooks

Microsoft Outlook
Getting started
Email basics (Compose, reading and Responding)
Email management
Tasks and Notes
Customizing the Outlook Environment
Appointments and events
Meeting requests and responses

Web Design
How the web works
Getting your pages onto the web
Why web design is not like print design
The web design process
Creating simple HTML pages
Formatting Text with HTML
Adding Graphic Elements
Adding Links
Colour on the web
All about web graphics
Creating gifs
Creating Jpgs
Animated gifs
Slicing and rollovers
Web Design Techniques
Building usable web sites
Web design Do's and Dont's

Adobe Photoshop
Exploring the Photoshop Environment
Understanding pixels and RGB
Working with Image Areas
Working with Layers
Enhancing Images
Saving Images for Web and Print
Managing Assets with Adobe® Bridge
Graphic Enhancement
Masking and Clipping Layers
Masking with Vector Paths
Enhancing Photographs
Creating Special Effects
Work with Video Files
Automating Tasks

Adobe Indesign
Quick start tour of Indesign
Customizing the interface
Adjusting application preferences
Working with documents
Navigating Indesign Documents
Using Guides and Grids
Adding text to your layouts
Character formatting options
Paragraph formatting options
Formatting text with styles
Designing with tabs and tables


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